A scream for freedom…..

In a scene in the movie ‘Highway’, Veera (Alia Bhatt) screams. All her emotions, her pain, her vexation, her sorrow, the horrors of her past, in one scream. And  then at the end of the scene, a guy in the theatre chuckles out. No he doesn’t do it as to attract attention, he just couldn’t obscure it anymore. And his chuckle inspires a few others to have their share of satisfaction laughing at her, and this, all you lovely people out there, reflects the dark irony of our society that the movie was trying to reflect. Maybe she wasn’t much “sensible” as to sound ,appealing to the society. Maybe the guy did the right thing laughing at her. Maybe they needed to show her that she needs to live according to the society. That maybe our personal freedom is in the hands of those who honour us with their comments on our representation in the society. About how we should dress, how we should eat, how we should talk to people, how we should not slap a someone in the face for commenting on the things above. For all we are, are “sensible” nagriks of the society.

No, this is not a movie review nor recommendation. It isn’t a post as to show people of the society, “Hey look! I can write!” It is just some guy screaming all over the internet about how he felt about a particular movie. To whomsoever it may concern, ‘Highway’ is a good movie. It is a movie you should watch and take away something when you go back home. And to the rest, you may please go on living your way in the society. Now what is to follow is nothing but a socially awkward geek’s enlightment story.

Highway makes you want to escape, run away and never look back. It is the same as to what “Udaan” makes you feel, its just that I didn’t have a blog when ‘Udaan’ was released otherwise I’d be pimping it all over the internet. All this post is, is  a guy’s humble plea to all those people of the society who’d constantly nag or judge people on them being them, please get a life. And to those people who are changing their way of living and constantly living in fear of being judged by the former people, please stop living somebody else’s life. You are beautiful just the way you are and trust me, people will love you when you start loving yourself the way you are. And if they don’t, then maybe these people aren’t worth being a part of your life.

Maybe I shouldn’t have written this post as to harm my social image of some sort. Maybe I just don’t give a shit anymore.

(P.S: To all those people judging me by this post, kindly leave your negative comments below so I could humbly ignore them 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “A scream for freedom…..

  1. 😃😃 will try it for sure, and yes people so need to realize that everyone on this planet is living different lives and we all need to respect that. Our differences is what keeps us being intimated towards each other and not the similarities.

  2. Great thoughts my dear friend. I completely agree that every individual has their own right to enjoy and live their life as they choose to. Self confidence is the emphasis portrayed by the blog and I really like it.
    Ps : waiting for your next blog!

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