The kids inside the bus froze to death as they heard it roar! It was a long distant wail, almost like an elephant’s trumpet, but more coarse and harsh. The cops around the bus froze in anticipation for what was to turn up. There was almost no visibility beyond the bridge due to smoke from the debris, but the cars at the end of the bridge could see it. It took the sea route heading for the bridge, the whole body submerged in, except the spikes on the back. The fighter jets around it had their positions ready to strike at a nod of their commander. The children inside the bus had all accumulated to the left side of the bus as to have a glimpse of the creature from the window. The creature glided its way through the water, its pace steady, as to keep up with its ginormous figure. The jet pilots had their thumbs on the fire buttons. The driver of the bus said a silent prayer, a prayer for the safety of his family, for the safety of the kids in the bus, for the safety of his kids.But just as the creature reached the bridge, it stopped. The pilots eyeing it from above winced with surprise. It didn’t break its way through the bridge, which it could’ve easily done, it just stopped. The pilots, then seizing the opportunity, pressed the buttons. Dozens of missiles made their way to the back of the massive demon and struck it, all at once. The creature wailed with annoyance as it led its giant tail out and threw it on the bridge almost breaking it. The driver of the bus, gazing at the gigantic tail in front of him, realized it was no ordinary creature. He hit his foot to the gas and made his way beside the tail, crashing the ‘CLOSED FOR SURVEILLANCE’ boards in its way. A few cops screamed for it to stop, but then realized maybe they had bigger problems to deal with. They took out the gun and fired at the tail in front of them. Just then, another volley of missiles struck the creature. Severely annoyed and flashing with temper now, the creature decided that he had been in for too long. It rose from the sea gradually and the tail now on the bridge rose as well. Just then, a missile hit the bridge in front of the bus. The driver stepped on the brakes so hard, the bus drifted towards the left, stopping only inches from the explosion. A cloud of smoke from the explosion had surrounded the bus. AND THEN, out of the smoke rose appeared GODZILLA. The 400 feet tall creature, somewhat like a dinosaur yet different, somewhat like a giant lizard, but more dreadful , stood its ground in front of the bridge. The kids in the bus stood flummoxed at its monstrosity as they go numb with the dread in their hearts. “Holy Mother of Jesus!” says the driver as his eyes witness the devil his book warned him about. The creature breaks the silence with a loud roar. A roar of anguish, a roar of anger, a roar proclaiming the arrival of the king. THE KING OF MONSTERS! The Emperor has arrived!


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