At precisely 6 hours and 53 minutes, the scientist will discover the new element he had been looking for since 13 years.

The old lady working at the flower store would smile and lie about her age.  And an old man who drove a Cadillac would stop at a flower store after finding  a striking resemblance to his dead wife in an old lady working over there.

The literature student would muster all his courage and nervously recite a poem he just wrote to his crush. And the pretty, young girl, with coffee brown hair,  who loves poetry, would finally find someone she’s been looking for after a series of harsh, broken relationships.

Its still 6:53, when the girl, with piercing on her lips, would break the injection needles with her bare hands and decide that it was time to quit.

It is still the exact same moment, when the soldier would drop his gun and remember his 9 year old daughter, her orchid blue eyes and apple cheeks. And the Afghan man who accidentally crossed the border, would have his life spared, when he shows a picture of his daughter to a soldier.

The clock wouldn’t tick a second more when the little baby, who was so scared of the dark that he cried and cried and cried, would finally find comfort by holding a finger and would smile, thinking that maybe, maybe, he isn’t all alone. And the man, who worked day and night as an investment banker, would realise how much of his life he spent working and toiling to become rich, would decide to quit his job and pursue his dream of becoming a stage actor, when his son held his finger for the very first time.

A dry chrysanthemum, welting lifelessly with thirst, would blossom to life when a gardener would sprinkle water over it. And the gardener who was fired from his job as the employer had no money, would smile at getting rehired and watering his drooping Chrysanthemums after such a long time.

The time is still the same, when the man, who lost all his money in gambling, and was now standing at the ledge of his balcony, would take a step back. And the dog, with white fur and brown spots,would chew on to his master’s pants, pulling him back to the room, preventing him from jumping over the ledge.

The world has gone still. An electron passes through a copper wire and a bulb glows to life  somewhere in a dark village. It is still 6:53, I swear, when a random guy sitting in his room, typing whimsically on his laptop, wishes you all good luck and a great life ahead.

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