Black Forest Outer-space

The valiant and strong commander Igor Stormbearer of the Samarian clan had fists as large as watermelons and feet as rigid as tree trunks and when his mountainly figure stood lead his fellow soldiers, it dwarfed them. And they followed his shadow as blindly as they’d follow the gods themselves. And when the thrice strong army of the Rohaans’ attacked them in the unaware vicinity of the night, he didn’t shriek or frown or dread or tremble. He banged his wine mug on the table, rose before his fellow men and as he took the sword out of his scabbard, only two words roared from his mouth- “How many?”

The colours faded, the picture dissolved. The humongous commander was now Rudy, the blue jay, with wings that kissed the sunlight and the crest of a king on his head, he soared over the Atlantic, piercing through the clouds, as the chilly breeze almost froze his beak. He rose to the abode of Heaven and lunged into the darkest of abyss only to rise back again, and again and again. With his tiny black eyes he saw clouds of the shape of boots and dogs and sheep and stars…

Only now the clouds weren’t clouds anymore, they were stars; And the sky wasn’t the sky anymore. Or maybe it was. And as Flight Engineer, Max Thrillseeker, of Shuttle no. 177921 Leia, spacewalked in the void of nothingness in the star-studded outer-space, he realized that space is nothing but a huge Black forest pastry spread all around with sugar sprinkled over it. With his spacesuit attached to the spacecraft with a pipe for oxygen, he could see the giant marshmallow they called the moon on one  hand and a piece of blueberry they called the Earth on the other. And he’s floating and floating and floating…

And so is his ship, the Whiteskull. Captain Earl one-eyed Kruger, leader of the Pirates of the Southern Pacific, mean and treacherous yet compassionate and adventurous, decided to hold on to the wheel himself as his beloved tumbled and lunged in the storm. He knew the Oceans at the back of his hand and his one left eye (The right one he lost in a duel with Red Harrington) searched for hidden treasures to recover and enemy ships to plunder. And although the Oceans today were loathsome, he still had the same smirk on his face as he sung- “Fee fie Foe and a bottle of rum”.

And as the little boy woke up on the study table on which he fell asleep last night, he realized that the gigantic Commander had been beaten by the Rohaans. And that the blue jay which soared free as the wind, had fallen into the abyss. And the Astronaut, who had his connecting tube detached from the shuttle while spacewalking, was lost somewhere in space, still floating as there was no Gravity. And even though Captain Earl ‘one-eyed’ Kruger was an excellent sailor, pirate and leader, the Whiteskull that plunged and rose in the furious waters, could not survive the storm…

The little boy’s arm hurt from all the soldiers he’d killed. He suffered from a slight cold because of the freezing Atlantic breeze. He wasn’t still accustomed to the Gravity of the Earth. Perhaps the Earth was a bit too heavy for him to bear. His fingers had shriveled because of all the time he’d spent in the Oceans. He looked out of the window searching for the skies. Searching for the characters. He was all of them. He was none at all…


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