The Prince who will defeat the Whitewalkers . . .

Brilliant, brilliant theory by a friend about the recent game of thrones episodes and the story that lies forward. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

My take on 'The Great Indian Life'

The one thing that has undoubtedly taken the globe by storm is the world of Game of Thrones. Apart from the time when we close our media players when someone walks in on us while we’re watching the series (ahem!), we’ve all binge watched this one for hours! If you’ve not yet seen this work of art, make sure you do!

This post is not so much about my opinion on the series as it is about a theory I feel very strongly about; a theory that will change the way you look at everything. It’s a little long but definitely worth the time, so bear with me. Without further ado, here it goes . . .

By now, we’re all in general consensus that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard illegitimate son, but is the son of his deceased sister Lyanna with the crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen. There…

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